Monday, May 10 at 7:00pm
ZOOM Meeting

Finding Gold in Colorado, from before the gold rush to the modern era

Presented by: Kevin Singel



Although not well known, gold discoveries in Colorado started long before the California Gold Rush of 1859. Kevin will discuss some of the earlier gold discoveries, the connections to the Colorado Gold Rush, the Georgia Gold Rush, the British Columbia Gold Rush and others. The early successes and
failures of the actual rush and how the gold mining industry has changed and evolved over the decades.

Kevin's presentation also covers some details of modern gold prospecting and highlights resources he has created to make it easy for visitors to Colorado who may want to go prospecting for their own wild” gold. These include, both free resources and books. His presentation is peppered with entertaining stories and anecdotes from the early days in various gold rush towns.

When he was 6, Kevin Singel's father read to him an article in the National Geographic. It was about a gold rush in Australia, and from that point, young Kevin became enamored with gold and gold rushes. In 1989, Kevin's family relocated to Colorado, and within a week, he learned how to pan for gold. As time passed, and Kevin had his own family, he would drag his family on mine tours, and then on Father's Day, he would make his kids go panning with him. He even had a ring made for his wife, with gold he had dug himself. Now, over the last 12 years, Kevin has been out in the field, gold prospecting, at least once every month (with just two exceptions for family commitments) around the

Since his professional retirement in 2016, Kevin has collaborated with his wife (a photographer and documentary film producer) to write and publish three books for modern Colorado gold prospectors. This has given him the opportunity to travel the state, touring every relevant museum, historic town,
mine tour, ghost town, etc. in a quest to see and do everything a gold mining history buff might want to do during a visit. All of this went into his first book Finding Gold in Colorado: Prospector’s Edition along with over 180 unclaimable, public access dig sites! Additional books currently include a full color tour of Colorado Gold Country entitled Finding Gold in Colorado: Inspiring Images and Finding Gold in Colorado: Prospecting Log. Further books in the series are being developed. The website and a companion Facebook group “Finding Gold in Colorado” provide
many free resources and a thriving community of Colorado gold prospectors and intended visitors.

Ken Rogers
Program Chair




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